court [kôrt]
[OFr < VL curtis < L cohors (gen. cohortis), enclosed place: see COHORT]
a) an uncovered space wholly or partly surrounded by buildings or walls; courtyard
b) a special section or area of a building, as a museum, somewhat like such a space but roofed, as with a skylight
2. a short street, often closed at one end
a) a specially prepared space, usually quadrangular and often enclosed and roofed, for playing any of several games, as basketball, handball, tennis, or squash
b) any of the divisions of such a space
4. a mansion or manor with a large, uncovered entrance area: now used only in proper names [Hampton Court ]
5. a motel: in full motor court
a) the palace of a sovereign
b) the family, advisors, and attendants of a sovereign, considered as a group
c) a sovereign together with councilors, ministers, etc. as a governing body
d) any formal gathering, reception, etc. held by a sovereign
7. respectful or flattering attention paid to someone in order to get something
8. courtship; wooing
9. Brit. the board of directors of a corporation
a) a person or persons appointed to try law cases, make investigations, etc.; judge or judges; law court
b) a building or hall where trials are held, official investigations made, etc.
c) a judicial assembly, whether civil, ecclesiastical, or military; also, a regular session of such an assembly
1. to pay respectful or flattering attention to (a person) in order to get something
2. to try to get the love of; seek as a mate; woo
3. to try to get; seek [to court success]
4. to make oneself open or liable to [to court insults]
to carry on a courtship; woo
of or fit for a court
in one's court
1. in one's side of the court, as a ball in a tennis game
2. under one's control, as a decision to be made
out of court
1. without a trial in a law court
2. not important enough for consideration or examination
pay court to
to court, as for favor or love

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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